Brian's History

At age 10 my Birthday wish was for an axe and a maul. I’ve had a passion for logging and tree removal since I could remember. In 2003 at 20 years old I began my career in the tree industry. I began on the crews as a grounds man and worked my way up to tree climbing and falling.

Logging was prominent at the time in the San Bernardino County National Forest due to the Bark Beetle Infestation. I took this as the opportunity to gain as much knowledge an experience needed to become a professional Logs Man. My first emergency response was in 2005 to help assist in the relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina.  Quickly after that I was running my own crews, gaining confidence as management. In 2007 I served locally on the Grass Valley Slide Fire as a single falling module for Cal Fire.     
With confidence, my experience, good mentoring a little faith my wife I began B R Tree Services in 2009. Specializing in the Forest Care Program and working directly with San Bernardino Hazardous Trees Department we grew quickly, establishing a loyal cliental base and great relations with Cal Fire and fellow contactors.  We want to send out great thanks to all who have had a part in our growth. We look forward to continuing to provide our mountain communities with excellent tree service with the highest regards to safety, while working together to maintain a healthy forest.

Brian Linden
Owner Operator
B R Tree Services, Inc.